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WEEF Provides In Home Creative Learning with STEM Toy Giveaway

Last month WEEF partnered with Alderman DeAndre Tillman and Amazon Smile to collect over 300 STEM toys and home goods to distribute to families in need. WEEF believes that toys can help promote creative thinking, which is critical in the career as a STEM professional.

Additionally, sparking the conversation of the different fields within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is always easier to explain with the finish product in hand. From explaining the process and mechanics required to determine the structural and chemical compensation of the plastic used for a PJ mask toy to the calculations and logistics required to efficiently distribute toys to store and online distributors.

WEEF's purpose is to expose underrepresented students to topics and careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields, through interactive programing, but also to do good in the community. For that reason WEEF is thankful to Alderman DeAndre Tillman and Amazon Smile for the opportunity to support such a great cause.

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