The Woods Educational Enrichment Foundation (WEEF) exists to eliminate the barriers placed on career opportunities for minorities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. WEEF encourages students to pursue STEM by exposing them to real world STEM problems, minority professionals, corporations and active work-sites; and by providing enriching programming that strengthens their critical thinking and analytical problem solving abilities. Through interactive projects WEEF provides tangible experiences for students to learn real world intricacies and excitement of the many career options available to them in the STEM fields. Our goal is to increase minority representation and leadership in the STEM fields and to empower our students to become entrepreneurs who change the landscape and face of STEM.


To inspire and empower underrepresented students to explore education and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, providing the skills necessary to thrive in these fields.



We establish and build relationships between minority students and minority professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math industries by hosting interactive STEM development seminars and providing free tutoring in math and science. Thus, making careers in the STEM fields viable and attainable career options for highly motivated minority students.