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WEEF Rocks DMSF!!!

Murphy Scholars are stepping up to the plate in the field of STEM with the support of WEEF!

This fall, The Woods Educational Enrichment Foundation (WEEF) hosted an 6 - part Interactive STEM Development Program to exposes Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund (DMSF) Scholars to STEM topics through the experience and voice of WEEF's Minority Professionals.

Each seminar focuses on Residential STEM fields, including Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Plumbing Engineering. Scholars learned about professions within STEM industries directly from individuals who look like them, have similar backgrounds, and have faced and overcome similar obstacles.

Minority professionals lead students through interactive STEM projects, all the while providing insight into what students must learn in order to enter the STEM field of their choosing. The goal is for students to leave each workshop with a sense of excitement and direction toward their career.

Residential Project: 2 story 2' x 2' model with working electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems

Site Visit: The kids learned how the electrical, mechanical and plumbing system work in their homes

9/10 STEM TEN Scholars now say they want to pursue a career in STEM!!!

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