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A Success Story

Nathan Dancy

Nathan was introduced to the WEEF program a couple years back and now has a Mechanical Engineering degree. He found his first internship with the WEEF founder and is now working on his next career goals that include, being a consulting engineer or a Patton Attorney to help patent Engineering ideas for the minorities.

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What is your biggest achievement?

"My biggest achievement is graduating from an Ivy League institution, Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. I nearly had a full ride and received a degree in mechanical engineering."

What inspires you about the WEEF program?

"The WEEF program inspires me because it's a program that encourages the next generation of STEM students, and it has propelled me to be an engineer. WEEF gave me my first internship experience, too!"

Building a Robot
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What was your initial inspiration when it came to STEM?

"My initial inspiration when it came to STEM, started when I was young because I always wanted to see how parts work, and how they were interconnected."

What were your key take aways from being a student at WEEF?

"Some key take aways from being a student at WEEF is how to think as an engineer does, how to work within teams and how to solve problems analytically."

Construction Workers

What did you hope to take away from WEEF when you first joined the program? Did that happen for you? "I hoped to take away learning experience from WEEF, when I first joined. I wanted to experience how to think like an engineer, along with gaining skills to grow professionally. That is exactly what I received by the end of my time at WEEF."

Tell me about any mentors you have, both in and out of the classroom. "I would say Marcus Woods is my mentor because he is a man that is goal driven, very compassionate and willing to help anyone in need. He is also a mentor for me because he is someone I set as a standard for the type of man I want to be, which inspires me to be better in all aspects of life, not just my career."

If you had the opportunity to start a business of your own, what would it be? "If I had to start a business I would start off by creating my own firm to Patent engineers ideas."

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