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Tutoring Philosophy



We focus on teaching students how to reason and discover solutions for themselves. Taking a holistic approach to tutoring, we review previous concepts to fill all possible gaps of the student’s understanding in the subject. As math and Science topics are a progression of information, any gaps of knowledge will prohibit the student from fully grasping more difficult concepts in the future.

Victoria Smalls 

Victoria Smalls has four years of consulting experience and is currently a Consultant in the Healthcare Analytics department at Navigant Consulting, Inc. She graduated with a BS in General Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a MS in Engineering Management from Duke University.  Her curriculum at both universities focused heavily on math, so she is able to help out with anything from algebra to statistics to advanced calculus. Her goal as a tutor will be to push and challenge you to think “outside the box” while still making the work enjoyable and worthwhile.

Iboro Umona

Dr. Iboro Umana is a MD/PhD student at Pritzker School of Medicine in Chicago, IL. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis in 2010 and his PhD in Neurobiology from University of Chicago in 2015. He is now completing his medical degree at University of Chicago and plans to graduate in 2018. Despite a busy academic workload, Dr. Umana still finds time to explore other passions. During his PhD training, Iboro co-founded a nonprofit called Beyond the Code which enabled middle school and high school students to engage in an interactive exploration of their identities and potential careers. As Iboro continues in his medical training, he plans to continue working with and empowering minority youth to dream big.

Jill "jay-z" Zenner

Jill earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently working in Quality Assurance at a consulting firm for nuclear power plants. She looks forward to passing on her passion for math and sciences to the students in hopes of a brighter future for the students themselves as well as the city of Chicago and beyond!

JoiAnna Rose

Joanna received her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and is a Golden Apple Scholar and Alum of the Jackie Robinson Foundation. She has assisted in classrooms and acted as a substitute teacher for over a decade. She is a self-published author and occasionally performs her poetry at spoken word events. 

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