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Awards and Rewards

Do you have a student who is under performing in either math or science, due to [blank], but you know they are capable of obtaining better grades. Look into Woods Educational Enrichment Foundation (WEEF). We have a history of engage students with our tutor phlisophy of making real world connection to math and science. Plus learning how our students learn, to better presents infomation so it sticks. All at no cost to the family.

Performance Metrics

- Improved subject specific grades and test scores

- Increased in Overall GPA

- Increased confidence in Math and Science

"Marcus....." By elijah

Hours of Tutoring Provided

2014 - 

2015 - 

2016 - 

Average Math and Science GPA of students entering program: 

Average Math and Sciecne GPA of students completing program:

*GPA is not weighted.

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